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Electricidad y Telecomunicaciones Canarias


Electricidad y Telecomunicaciones Canarias S.A.

We are a leading company in the sector of the sale and distribution of electrical and telecommunications equipment in the province of Tenerife. Founded in 2013 by a group of professionals with more than 40 years of experience, ETELCAN has become a reference for clients in the industrial, domestic and professional sectors.

We offer a wide range of products for professionals, such as electrical, telecommunications, home automation, lighting and air conditioning equipment, and personalized customer service, with a team of highly qualified professionals who advise and help customers choose products and services best suited to your needs.



Growth and collaboration with Etelcan S.A.

ETELCAN is part of Grupo 24, a leading business group in the distribution sector of electrical and telecommunications equipment in Spain. Grupo 24 has more than 50 years of experience, and is present throughout the national territory with a network of more than 60 sale points.

ETELCAN is a company in constant growth, and is always searching for new ways to improve its products and services. The company is committed to the future of the electricity and telecommunications sector, and is working to be a key player in the development of new technologies and solutions.


We offer value to our clients with the best range of products, solutions and services that are in our hands.


Our central commitment is to satisfy customer needs and expectations, providing comprehensive solutions on electricity and telecommunications fields.


  • Social Responsibility (Entrepreneurs Group).

  • Respect for the work of our professionals.

  • Commitment to our suppliers.

  • Commitment to results.


ETELCAN has a wide range of products from the leading brands in the sector, such as ABB Niessen, UNEX, ZEMPER, Dinuy, ECOLUX, Tempel, Lovato, etc., with the aim of offering its clients a variety of solutions for all their electrical and telecommunications needs.

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Electricidad Tenerife
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